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16/02/2014: Imagenta acquired by Rototek Limited

We are pleased to announce that Imagenta Moulding has recently been acquired by Rototek Limited ( - a world leader in rotational moulding technology.

Rototek Limited based near Newark in Nottinghamshire is successfully combining its long established technical and production strengths with the commercial strengths that were the result of the company being purchased by Gusto Group in 2011.

This commercial strength has enabled the company to purchase the roto-moulding business from Worksop based Imagenta PLC adding another 22 experienced staff to the 55 already employed at Rototek’s Newark factory.

Further information can be found here


11/03/2013: Selecting Rota Moulding

Rota-mouldings an often overlooked process for the production of complex ducting for automotive, air intakes and ventilation applications.

Whether designing a brand new concept or simply re-engineering expensive metal, GRP or complex injection moulded designs Rota moulding offers many advantages in weight reduction, Part cost or tool investment reduction and overall technical capability.

Complex one piece, seam free ducting and intakes as a rota moulding give all the benefits of a GRP in shape capability but with a significant reduction in cost and production lead times.

As a metal replacement there are even more advantages, cost and weight reduction are obvious. However complex fabricated metal ductings are often difficult to produce while maintaining repeatable tolerances. With a Rota moulded product the ability to transfer a precise form will ensure you achieve the designed dimensional tolerances and help achieve or enhance the desired flow characteristics for your product consistently and repeatedly.

If you have small to medium quantity requirements for your ducting (50 to 10,000 units p.a.) then you should give Rota moulding serious consideration.

If you have an existing product you want re-engineering or a design concept you need to assess we are happy to lend our expertise in helping you achieve a robust and cost effective solution.

30/11/2012: Out of the oven and still warm

Imagenta Moulding has recently developed a range of stacking containers, tubs and troughs for one of the UK's oldest and most respected bakeware manufacturers.

The project has been a unique collaboration whereby joint investment in the product range is enabling both businesses to benefit.

Imagenta Moulding will soon be able to offer the products to its customers through its proprietary products website,, for applications other than food production.

28/11/2012: Why choose Rotational Moulding?

Rotational moulding, Rotamoulding, or Rotomoulding is an ideal process for producing hollow plastic mouldings. Once manufactured these can have sections trimmed out to create components of any complexity. Below are some of the many advantages of the process:

  • Large products can be produced economically in comparison to other production processes.
  • There are some design constraints but these can be overcome effectively with early planning.
  • Mouldings are stress free and can be produced in a range of colours, finishes and wall thicknesses.
  • Inserts of many types can be included as an integral part of mouldings to enable the addition of other components.
  • The tooling investment required is often considerably lower than other production techniques, such as injection moulding.

If you have any questions, are beginning to work on a project that may use rotational moulding, or require advice, please do not hesitate to contact our development team on 01909 472210

Tank range increases

Following a complete restructuring of 3C's management team, Imagenta Moulding is now manufacturing the entire range of 3C oil storage, fuel dispensing and water tanks. Imagenta has also recently launched the Rain Hog; a modular rain water harvesting tank designed specifically, although not exclusively, for installation below ground. With the Code for Sustainable Homes (which came into force in May 2008) making rainwater harvesting obligatory for social housing and highly desirable for the private sector, the Rain Hog is the obvious choice.

For further details or to discuss any tank requirements please contact Imagenta on 01909 472210

Imagenta moulds new Mini Grit Bin

Our new Mini Household Grit Bin is small, neat and is ideal for your driveway, patio, garden or path. It enables households to be self reliant when the weather is bad and local authority grit levels are running low. The bin can hold up to 60 Kg of grit/salt and is neat and discreet and can be ordered in a choice of colours to blend in with its surroundings.

For more details and to buy online visit -